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Our goal at the Jackson’s Honest Foundation is to bring attention to the unique challenges of rare diseases and to address them with a broad set of philanthropic goals: funding primary research into the etiology of these diseases with the research community; conceptualize and fund the development of candidate treatments with pharmaceutical companies; and provide supporting programs, equipment, and compassionate care to the families that support the management of these diseases.

As a company, Jackson’s Honest started with the mission to bring ancestral fats back to the snack food aisle by introducing the world’s first potato and tortilla chips made with 100% organic coconut oil. The company was founded by Jackson’s mom (a mother of four) in her kitchen in Crested Butte, Colorado as a way to bring the story of her son Jackson’s struggle with an extremely rare autoimmune disease (Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome) to a wider audience. Through a decade of intense trial and error, Megan and her husband Scott reverse engineered a low-inflammation ketogenic diet with an emphasis on coconut oil and other ancestral fats as a way to ameliorate some of Jackson’s more profound neuro-degenerative symptoms. Their discovery of this fat-centered, low inflammation diet changed the trajectory of his disease and their family’s life, spurring them to share his story, their journey, and these products with the rest of the world.

Jackson passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Sunday, Aug. 13 2017. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. His courage in the face of his extremely rare disease was exceeded only by his strength in managing and battling it. One of only seven diagnosed cases of his particular variant of Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome, Jackson's condition went undiagnosed for 12 years until the National Institute of Health was able to finally diagnose him in 2014. Jackson carried the burden of his disease as if it were a feather. Despite many physical hardships, he laughed often and easily and he smiled as if he didn't have a care in the world. Being a witness to that, being on the receiving end of those smiles and laughs - humbled all those who knew and loved him. He has left behind in his parents,' sisters' and brother's hearts an enduring spirit, an immeasurable fortitude and a profound sense of gratitude for having been able to love him. Although Jackson was unable to speak, he commanded a room and communicated precisely what his needs, wants, and feelings were to those around him.

His legacy lives on in the company, the mission, and the movement of Jackson's Honest Chips that his struggle founded.