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rare diseases require a rare commitment

Families of children and adults with rare diseases face unique and enormous challenges. These diseases - afflicting fewer than 3,000 people - do not often receive the type of philanthropic focus that more common diseases do nor are there the usual economic, political, or professional incentives for understanding these diseases more fully. As a result, physicians and researchers have named these afflictions ‘orphan diseases’ because they do not have the type of inherent support that more common diseases have; these diseases have been, in effect, ‘orphaned’ by the political, social, and scientific communities that are tasked to solve the burden of disease.

Our goal at the Jackson’s Honest Foundation is to bring attention to these unique challenges, and to address them with a broad set of philanthropic goals: funding primary research into the etiology of these diseases with the research community; conceptualize and fund the development of candidate treatments with pharmaceutical companies; and provide supporting programs, equipment, and compassionate care to the families that support the management of these diseases.

rare diseases need your support

These diseases - like the patients who suffer from them - need all of the support we can provide for them. The most profound impact we can have is by generating a grassroots movement among ordinary folks to help bring attention to the plight of these children and families, to understand and fund these diseases and their potential treatment, and work toward providing care, compassion, and opportunities for the kids and families who shoulder the burden of these rare diseases.

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